The last three years have seen a great change in the way Jenny Eaton works.  Formerly making vessels, using Raku and smoke firing methods of finishing.  She has changed direction, now thoroughly engrossed in making figurative, ceramic sculptural work.


She has always been interested in the effects of erosion due to weather and time.  This is particularly evident in the wild and beautiful Ribble Valley country side in which she is fortunate enough to live and take inspiration.


Through her figurative work she translates these observations to the human form.  The fascinating process of ageing of the body is just as relentless and unforgiving as the harsh weather on the landscape.  In time one has to accept these changes and eventually perceive them as they are, different but natural and beautiful.





This collection is a continuation of the thought process engaged in previous work.  Initially work was inspired by the effects of weathering and erosion on her surroundings.  On a more personal level she realized a parallel exists between the effects of time on the landscape and the relationship of a couple on their journey through life.


The impact of emotional experience and relentless ageing of the body all make their mark on the human form and psyche just as the weather on the landscape. Through her own experience and as an inveterate people watcher, Jenny is able to translate these observations of body language and nuance to her work.  Composing the figures in pairs, inclined to each other as in life, she is able to convey emotions from easy compatibility to uncomfortable tension between the couples.   Always the scale of the feet exaggerated to anchor them firmly to the world they inhabit.


The following pages illustrate her reaction to the passage of time that has so dramatically changed her methods of working over the past 20 years.


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